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State entrando in una sezione che contiene informazioni dettagliate di carattere promozionale sui prodotti della società ristrette a professionisti sanitari.

Ai sensi del decreto legislativo 46/97 e delle Linee Guida del Ministero della Salute del 17 febbraio 2010, vi preghiamo di cliccare il bottone "ENTRA" per entrare nel sito solo se siete un professionista sanitario.



Veterinary Radiology

High frequency Fixed and mobile version



IRIS is a multi-purpose device for general radiology, designed to be used in a very narrow workspace, such as small X-ray rooms or X-ray rooms also used for other medical activity. The device does not require building work or to be fixed to the floor or to the wall. It only requires power wire with attached ground wire. IRIS is composed by a mobile stand on wheels that acts as well as support structure to the potter bucky, a mobile table for...



Given the increasing demand for devices in veterinary medicine and their relevant lacking, we decided to enter this new market with sophisticated devices, which are at the same level of those used for humans. Domestic animals play an important role in our daily life: we care them, they are our friends and we can count on their love. For this reason we expect they have the treatment they need, including, if needed, with top-level medical...


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